SpyParty nonchalantly arriving on Steam Early Access

SpyParty nonchalantly arriving on Steam Early Access
Former EA and Maxis employee and man responsible for the creature generation feature of Spore, Chris Hecker, has been working on this labor of love for 8 years. It still isn't ready for full release, but Chris has decided it's time to bring it to Steam Early Access. The game is a tense 1v1 game of sniper vs spy. The spy is tasked with completing several objectives at the party within a set time and the sniper does what snipers do best, eliminate the target. And here is where the game of cat and mouse becomes interesting. Playing as the spy means blending in, using windows of opportunity when the sniper's laser indicates his vision is away from you or obstructed to complete more obvious tasks, and doing this all as the clock ticks away. The sniper must examine each of the party guests closely, watching for odd activity or a penchant to avoid vision, and marking targets as suspicious or not in order to narrow down his suspects. It's a simple premise designed to keep you on the edge of your seat, and with the help of Steam Early Access it may continue it's path towards full release sooner than later.

Check out a great interview with the game's designer from Ars Technica here, or take a look at the Steam store page for it here.



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Polygon put up a Let's Play today and this game looks like something I'm going to have a TON of fun with:

Unfortunately, I agree with John Galt that the $25 seems a bit steep for the beta early access. $15 feels right, but I wonder if it's because early access games have to be priced at their anticipate launch price? I'm not sure about Valve's requirements on that.