Smash Bros Ultimate details

Smash Bros Ultimate details
Nintendo finally gave up all the goods on their new Smash Bros game we've been patiently waiting for. The title, as I am sure you gathered from the title of this article, is: Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Nintendo let out all of the details on who would be returning to our playable roster this time around, and the list includes every fighter to appear in any prior Smash Bros game. We will also see the addition of three new fighters: Inkling, Daisy (an Echo fighter of Peach), and Ridley! Nintendo responded to press asking if this was the same engine as Smash 4 with some added polish or if it was rebuilt from the ground up. They responded saying that Smash 5 was completely built from the ground up. In addition to new fighters we will be seeing new stages based around new fighters.

On top of all of that, Nintendo is bringing back GameCube controllers for Smash 5 like they did with Smash 4. You can pre-order the Smash 5 controllers from Amazon and GameStop. Amazon is limiting pre-orders to one per customer whereas GameStop is limited to two per customer. If these are something you may want at any point in the future, I would pre-order now. The Smash 4 controllers started on sale for $24 and those same controllers are currently priced for over $100 each.

YetiGamer is planning on hosting online and in-person Smash 5 tournaments in December once the game has been released. We will be offering a paid, free, and fun tournaments. Tentatively the paid tournament will have a $5 entry* and all cash will be paid out to top spots, the free tournament will have same rules as paid without the entry fee, and the fun tournament will include four person free for all's without item or stage restrictions. More details will come out the closer we get to December.

The entire Smash E3 Video can be viewed below:

* entry fee subject to change