Sea of Thieves teases customization in new update

Sea of Thieves teases customization in new update
The Xbox exclusive, Sea of Thieves, has released update 1.0.5, fixing multiple issues while teasing customization availability in future patches. The update addresses several bugs such as spawning issues related to the Skeleton Fort and Bounty Quest Skeletons not spawning correctly and the Kraken tentacles unable to be visible when holding a player. Beyond the minor fixes, multiple updates are also included in this patch. A few of the updates include ammo crates are now easier to reach and interact with and updated UI with the Vanity and Clothing Chests. Perhaps the most interesting information from the update comes with the promise of future customization options for clothing, weapons, items and ships. These options appear to be available through in-game currency (finally giving you a reason for hoarding all that gold!) The entire patch notes can be found here.
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This game seems pretty interesting, but I've heard a lot of outlets saying it's shallow and a fairly short gameplay loop. Are they just missing out on something, or is it a simple pleasure kind of game? (nothing wrong with that)


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I watched a TON of gameplay videos that Polygon put out because I was really excited about this game when I first heard about it.

The videos were from the betas leading up to launch and I was worried because it looked hella' shallow and like you were just pretty much repeating the same missions over and over again without anything that actually made me hyped about an open world co-op pirate game.

Unfortunately, post-launch, it seems like those worries were justified. I haven't played the game, but from let's plays I've watched and reviews I've read, the gameplay does, indeed, seem stupid-shallow and more like a tech demo for a game engine than an actual game (especially at that price). There doesn't seem to be content that's been added that wasn't in the beta (i.e., just the same three "flavors" of missions and almost no depth to anything).

The lack of customization was a problem (like you, so far, can't customize the look of characters or your ship), but adding that in isn't really going to impact the game in a way that's meaningful enough to counteract its disappointing lack of actual content. It'll just be a tech demo with a character creator at that point. The actual breadth of ship customization options will be key, I think, but I think the game really needs even more stuff to actually DO once you customize your shit.

I'm waiting until the 50% markdown and some DLC packs before I consider thinking about buying the game, which is really unfortunate, because I was hyped as hell for it.
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1. Guys, go get an Xbox Game pass and play the game. It's $10 a month with a 14 day free trial.
2. I've put in a few hours. It's a really fun game, if you are looking for a nice, relaxing trip through the ocean sailing your own boat, or with a group of friends looking to plunder other ships.
3. What I tell everyone: It's fun. Not $60 worth of fun, but you can play the full game for 14 days for free on PC and/or Xbox. Go do it already.