Pokémon now, Pokémon soon, and Pokémon next year

Pokémon now, Pokémon soon, and Pokémon next year
Following a slew of small leaks and ever-building anticipation of an announcement, the Pokémon Company gave fans just that Tuesday night. Doing their own reveals prior to E3 has become the norm and benefits both the Pokémon Company and Nintendo by allowing offerings by both to have their time to shine and avoids competing for the spotlight. With two new titles revealed, one title reaffirmed, and a new accessory shown there was quite a bit to take in, so let's go ahead and break it down (Oh yeah, pun definitely intended).

Pokemon Quest Title.png

Pokémon Quest is a game that follows the groundwork laid by the Pokémon Rumble games and mixes in popular cubist graphics as well as a Free-to-Start business model. You play in open arenas where you control your Pokémon and fight against cpu's in an action based, touch screen focused (alternate controls are available) system. You can collect items as you complete arenas and defeat enemies and then use those items in your base-camp. The game is out now on Switch and will be coming to mobile devices soon.

Pokemon Let's Go Title.png
Pokémon Let's Go was the focus of most of the leaks leading up to the announcement, and they were almost entirely true. It is important to note that this is not the main-line Pokémon game that was announced as in development at E3 2017, we will get to that later. The Let's Go games come in Pikachu or Eevee editions and are a remake of the Gen. 1 game Pokémon Yellow for Gameboy. This game features the general art style that has been used on 3DS with Sun/Moon with a very noticable increase in resolution (which should be expected on the Switch). Players will engage in traditional trainer battles exactly as they have before, and explore the region of Kanto presumably following the same story as Yellow. After these familiarities however, things start to change as we are introduced to this new spin-off series. In a series first you can play co-operatively, with your friend joining in on catching, running around, and even battling trainers (2v1, who's Team Rocket now?). Gone are random encounters, as Pokémon now appear in the overworld flying in caves, crawling in tall grass, and swimming in the water. You can now be more selective in which wild creatures you chose too run into, which hints at the adoption of ideas from and integration with Pokémon Go. You can no longer battle wild Pokémon and instead will enter directly into the capture mechanic created for Pokémon Go, throwing your ball with the motion of a joycon if you wish. Pokémon can also be transferred between the games in some fashion, however the full extent of the mechanic is unknown at this moment. A pokéball accessory was also revealed that can be used as a controller for both Go and Let's Go and can "hold" a Pokémon, lighting up, shaking, and making sound. The games and pokéball accessory release on November 16th this year.

Pokemon 2019.png
Finally, for everyone who saw Pokémon Let's Go as a catastrophe for all but the casual gamer, we were reassured that an "all-new core series Pokémon RPG" is still in development and will be coming in the second half of 2019. Pokémon Company president, Tsunekazu Ishihara, stated that this game will follow "the tradition of Pokémon X and Y and Sun and Moon." The mention of the original Gen 6 and 7 titles is leading many to believe that the new title will be the beginning of Gen 8, but only time will tell.
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