Kynseed closed beta dropped!

Kynseed closed beta dropped!
If you're unfamiliar with the Kickstarter for Kynseed, it is a game created by former Fable and Black & White developers from Lionhead. In the true sense of Fable, or at least how Fable was originally pitched on Xbox all those years ago, everything you do matters in this game. You start the game while young and progress through the life of your character. When you die, you play on through your children using the titular "Kynseed". The things you do while you play through the game will shape your world, permanently. The game is touted as a Sandbox RPG Adventure. You can progress through the game in multiple different ways: running business like tavern, apothecary, item and blacksmith shops, farm your land, or battle creatures. There is a rich crafting system to progress through the game and make certain tasks easier or faster.

Check out the trailer, screenshots, or Steam link below. The game doesn't have an official launch date, but Early Access should be up sooner rather than later. You can get in on the closed beta in a few ways:
  • Anyone who backed prior to the closed beta release on April 29th will get a Steam key.
  • Anyone who backed after that will download the closed beta through Humble Bundle.
  • The Humble Bundle backers will still be sent their designated Early Access Steam keys as normal (when ready, of course).
  • All pre-existing backers can also download through Humble Bundle if they prefer.
My key should arrive in the next 24 hours, and planning on streaming it once I get it. Keep an eye out!

(1) Fishing.png(2) Well Well Well.png(3) The Blacksmith.png(4) Digging Up Bones.png(5) Pig Racing.png(6) Junkyard.png(7) Map Stone.png(8) Graveyard Keeper.png(9) Napping.png
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This looks slow and somewhat clunky, but readying about it makes it sound like it will be amazing. I loved Fable despite the fact that it didn't live up to the hype, I enjoyed B&W, so I'm ready to try this! Didn't back it so will have to wait for general release.