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Viking Redbeard

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Here is a list of all of the Friend Codes that has been shared with us, please add yours to this thread if you want to be included!

Viking Redbeard - SW-7169-0808-6588
MeatyMitts - SW-7318-7028-9893
Ramenlord - SW-5363-1887-7107
thehoov - SW-1683-7690-4123
Bangather - SW-4034-1680-2052
BRUTS - SW-0021-5922-4730
B-EZ - SW-1342-5454-4624
Gossamer - SW-7620-7576-1316
Gojira - SW-3744-3408-9791
bloud - SW-0081-8931-8331
Steam - SW-0024-5606-4817
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