Collection: Night Trap (PS4)

Collection: Night Trap (PS4)
Night Trap is a full-motion video (FMV) game developed by Digital Pictures and published by Sega in 1992. I never had a chance to play this game as a first run, probably because at the time none of my friends had a Sega CD system. But I’d heard plenty about it. Not because it was good (I don’t think anyone has called it that, ever), but in part because it was one of the first “interactive movie” experiences and in part because of the public image associated with it. The game was considered to promote “gratuitous violence” and “sexual aggression” toward women. [Insert eye-roll here] And of course the only answer for that is to get government involved, right? Which eventually lead to what we know as ESRB ratings today. The controversy caused retailers to pull it from shelves, which of course made us kids want to get our hands on it even more…

It’s since gained a nostalgic cult following for its campy, B-movie style. Initial reviews were mixed at best and the re-releases have become less and less favorable. I guess this once cutting-edge game hasn’t aged well over the past 25 years. This is one of those cases where cultural taboos and the controversy around the game did more to sell it than the story or gameplay itself, and in the context of today’s culture the original novelty and shock value of the game can’t cover up how clunky and shallow the experience really was.

Now I’m trying to think of an FMV game that hasn’t been campy*. And I can’t name one, can you?

I most recently played Press X to Not Die and it was fun, interesting, and (just as important) campy.

Anyone else a collector? Let me know what your focus is!

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