Boss Key Productions is no more

The studio of Cliff Bleszinski is suddenly no more. The studio that debuted with the commercial flop LawBreakers and recently debuted their own early-access battle royale game, Radical Heights, has officially closed as of today. Cliff tweeted out the news earlier today, acknowledging that LawBreakers was not well received and that Radical Heights came too late to make it's mark save the studio. In a small surprise the servers for Radical Heights will remain up for "the near future."

Cliff has helped mold gaming as we know it today with his influence in games such as Unreal Tournament and Gears of War. In his statement he indicated that he will be taking time to reflect as well as focus on his family and hisself. It may be some time before we see Cliff back in gaming news, but for a person as creative, passionate, and charismatic as he is, it seems inevitable that we will. Hopefully his time away will be helpful and his return a successful one.