Beyond Good & Evil 2 shows a bit more

Last year at E3 we finally got a taste of the long awaited sequel to cult-classic Beyond Good & Evil. The trailer showed expansive worlds, large ships, jetpacks, pirates, and a few characters with loads of personality. However, what we didn't see much of at that time was any form of in-game video. Many thought at the time that Ubisoft's E3 2017 presentation could be the swan song of the company as we know it, due to the fact that at the time it was staring down the specter of a hostile takeover by Vivendi (a fate which befell the mobile developer of Ubisoft's co-founder, Gameloft). However, since that time Ubisoft was able to broker a deal that divested Vivendi of it's investment (and instituted a 5 year period in which they cannot own Ubisoft stock) and distributed that stock amongst many parties including Ubisoft founders, Ubisoft itself, Ontario Teachers Pension Plan, and Tencent (the later of which do not gain seats on the board of directors, and Tencent is prohibited from further investment thus protecting Ubisoft from them becoming a new threat).

Since that time Ubisoft has seen a string of successes with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Assassin's Creed Origins, South Park: The Fractured but Whole, and Far Cry 5. They also have a few anticipated titles slated for 2018 with The Crew 2 and Skull & Bones (a pirate ship battle game shown at E3 '17 that may have benefited from seeing where Rare's Sea of Thieves fell short). With new life breathed into Ubisoft this E3 could be a celebration of sorts to follow up its grand showing last year, and this new touch of Beyond Good & Evil 2 gameplay points towards that. Check out the video below where they show just a bit of combat and flight, and discuss some of the mechanics they are keeping in mind when bringing this pirate crew to life.