Crytivo Cefore - Trailer and launch date
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Become an expert at blowing stuff up! Baro is an engineer who solves mind-boggling puzzles in the best way possible: strategically dismembering said puzzle using an assortment of precision tools (such as explosives). As a result, narrowly avoiding death is simply part of the job. However, you also have access to gadgets like grappling devices...
PixelJunk announces Monsters 2
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Tower defense favorite PixelJunk Monsters is getting a sequel, and soon! PixelJunk Monsters 2 will be launching on May 25th on PS4, Switch, and Steam. As a side note, it is a bit odd to see all platforms announced excluding Xbox One.
Dragon Ball Legends announced for mobile
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First the Battle Royale games PUBG and Fortnite made the move to include mobile, and now we are getting a fighting game of sorts. Dragon Ball Legends was first demoed at GDC this week, and along with it pre-registration for the beta has opened. Dragon Ball Legends will use a "one finger card action battle" system in which you tap on a selection...


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Welcome to the new and improved YetiGamer! We are still building this out and will look a little more complete down the road. In the mean time, come hang out with us in Discord!

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