Yeti, Set, Go! - The Good, the Bad, and the Microtransactions
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If you missed us live, check out the VOD of this week's episode of Yeti, Set, Go! We tackle which game developers are doing well, and which ones are making everyone angry.
Introducing Elite SmashDEN!
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Hey everyone, After reviewing the results of the survey we took at February's tournament it has become very obvious that you have interest in a paid Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament with a cash payout for the winners. And here at YetiGamer we are about giving the people what they want. This means that we are officially announcing our...
Yeti, Set, Go! is the new show from
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The people here at YetiGamer have gotten together and started a new bi-weekly talk show. Yeti, Set, Go! will feature a rotating cast that will discuss a variety of topics related to video games and the industries surrounding them. Episode 1: Digital Stores Galore(s) premiered February 5th with Viking Redbeard, Coach Slippy, bloud, and Kurtis...
Metroid Prime 4 development restarts with Retro
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Western Nintendo fans were greeted Friday morning by somber news. Metroid Prime 4 isn't coming this year. In fact, it isn't coming any time soon. In a video Nintendo's General Manager of Entertainment Planning & Development, Shinya Takahashi, addressed fans and announced the delay. "Nintendo always strives for the highest quality in our games...
Spellbreak is trying to conjure up some Fortnite magic of it's own
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MainMarth breaks down his pre-alpha experience with the battle royal offering from Proletariat Inc. Proletariat Inc. is the developer of Streamline, World Zombination, and the Twitch RPG extention Stream Legends. Streamline was successful with Twitch streamers for a time, as it allowed them to directly interact with their viewers within the...
League of Lagers has returned!
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Chase and Kurtis are back with Season 3 of League of Lagers! In Episode 1 they discussed all of the off-season roster changes and gave their predictive Power Rankings. Join the guys live Twitch every Monday to be a part of the conversation!
SmashDEN: January VoDs
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Hey everyone! SmashDEN was a success in January, and the VoDs are all up to watch on YouTube SmashDEN is a monthly Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament hosted by YetiGamer. The tournaments are free entry and part of a year long League. Each month's tournament is streamed live on Twitch with the mainstage matches being shown and shoutcast.
Chasm gets a release date
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Chasm was a Kickstarter game that's been in development since before the campaign went live on April 11, 2013. The Kickstarter campaign was a success generating $191,897 from 6,938 backers (me being one of them). For most people, this game may have slipped under the radar with it's original release date of May 2014 coming and going without any...
Smash Bros Ultimate details
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Nintendo finally gave up all the goods on their new Smash Bros game we've been patiently waiting for. The title, as I am sure you gathered from the title of this article, is: Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Nintendo let out all of the details on who would be returning to our playable roster this time around, and the list includes every fighter to...
Bethesda announces Fallout 76
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So, after a day long trolling from Bethesda teasing a new game in the Fallout world, they have dropped a pure teaser trailer and no further details. This has done nothing but cause everyone to speculate what Bethesda has up their sleeve. People have been speculating anything from a Fallout Shelter style game to a battle royale game. Right now...
Pokémon now, Pokémon soon, and Pokémon next year
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Following a slew of small leaks and ever-building anticipation of an announcement, the Pokémon Company gave fans just that Tuesday night. Doing their own reveals prior to E3 has become the norm and benefits both the Pokémon Company and Nintendo by allowing offerings by both to have their time to shine and avoids competing for the spotlight...
Boss Key Productions is no more
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The studio of Cliff Bleszinski is suddenly no more. The studio that debuted with the commercial flop LawBreakers and recently debuted their own early-access battle royale game, Radical Heights, has officially closed as of today. Cliff tweeted out the news earlier today, acknowledging that LawBreakers was not well received and that Radical...
Collection: Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology (3DS)
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I honestly haven't been keeping up with handhelds for the past few years. Aside from some original Gameboy, Color, and GBA action back in the day, I skipped all handhelds from all makers until the DS. And even then I didn't play a wide variety of games, I just played a few select titles a whole lot. And I really wasn't even interested in the...
Collection: Night Trap (PS4)
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Night Trap is a full-motion video (FMV) game developed by Digital Pictures and published by Sega in 1992. I never had a chance to play this game as a first run, probably because at the time none of my friends had a Sega CD system. But I’d heard plenty about it. Not because it was good (I don’t think anyone has called it that, ever), but in part...
Beyond Good & Evil 2 shows a bit more
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Last year at E3 we finally got a taste of the long awaited sequel to cult-classic Beyond Good & Evil. The trailer showed expansive worlds, large ships, jetpacks, pirates, and a few characters with loads of personality. However, what we didn't see much of at that time was any form of in-game video. Many thought at the time that Ubisoft's E3 2017...
Mobile gaming set to continue market dominance in 2018
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At a time when video games are generating more attention and revenue than ever before, one form of gaming outpaces the rest: mobile gaming. According to market research firm, Newzoo, mobile gaming is expected to generate more than half of all gaming revenue in 2018 while PC and console gaming will each share in about a quarter of total revenue...
Kynseed closed beta dropped!
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If you're unfamiliar with the Kickstarter for Kynseed, it is a game created by former Fable and Black & White developers from Lionhead. In the true sense of Fable, or at least how Fable was originally pitched on Xbox all those years ago, everything you do matters in this game. You start the game while young and progress through the life of your...
Collection: Silent Service (NES)
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Grabbed this one recently for a few bucks at a swap meet. Quite possibly one of the worst official Nintendo Entertainment System games out there, Silent Service (developed by Rare, published by Konami in 1989) is a port of the ’85 submarine simulator from Sid Meier. Is it really that bad, you ask? Well, yes and no. By today’s standards it is...
Who's Playing What?
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It's been a long week of gaming; here are a few of the things I've been doing the past seven days! Picked up a few new titles on Steam, finished up a few others, and continued a few long-running games. Unfortunately no new additions to the Collection this week, but garage sale season is starting... Over the weekend I was able to wrap up Far...
Sea of Thieves teases customization in new update
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The Xbox exclusive, Sea of Thieves, has released update 1.0.5, fixing multiple issues while teasing customization availability in future patches. The update addresses several bugs such as spawning issues related to the Skeleton Fort and Bounty Quest Skeletons not spawning correctly and the Kraken tentacles unable to be visible when holding a...

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